Planning Weekend Vacation for Auli can prove worthy for those taking interest in adventure activities. As this place is an ultimate destination for ski in Uttarakhand Himalayan Mountains in India, it already became a perfect choice for tourists. Denoted by other notable names such as Bugyal and or Auli Bugyal it is famous for meadows and natural beauties. It is true that the popularity of Auli is lesser than that of the famous ski destination of Shimla, Gulmarg and Manali but it has already started leaving impeccable impacts on the minds of its visitors.

Well Planned Tourist Destination

Ever since the new state of Uttarakhand (formerly Uttaranchal) was created by carving it out from the Uttar Pradesh state, several places were chosen as tourist destinations to be improved deliberately to seek an attention of large chunks of tourists. Ali was one such destination developed in a planned manner. Those planning for Vacation may explore its tourism value and at the same juncture they find a better chance to visit ancient temples and worship places like Dev Bhoomi that denotes as the Land of Gods. This place is already in the limelight as a famous pilgrimage center in a state where Char Dham called Gangotri-Yamunotri-Kedarnath-Badrinath is valued too much.

Religious value and holy identity of Auli can be well understood in a context that it is located on the way to Badrinath, which is an important religious destination and pilgrimage center in India. The natural beauty in and around this city from coniferous and oak forests to wonderful landscape of lofty mountain range peaks of world famous Himalayas appeal to all and sundry.

Notable Tourist Attractions

A famous attraction of Auli which also has recognition of Asia’s longest is 4-kilometers long cable car that is denoted with a name Gondola locally, becomes extensive one to explore while you involve in Chair Lift and Ski-Lift activities. Skiing is definitely a key attraction here, but equally is noticeable trek routes to appeal everybody. Indo-Tibetan Border Police training facility in the outskirts of the city is an equally interesting place to explore. Many worship centers and monuments are located here, but one tiny temple whose causal relation with famous epic Ramayana is worth noting. Erratic weather conditions too are attractions of sorts for tourists.

Auli can be reached by airways through the nearest Dehradun Airport. Usually tourist buses operate on the national highways to link this place with rest destinations. Trains to run until nearest stations. Being a famous hill station in India, Auli maintains its position of being an ultimate location for Skiing which are primary charms to appeal visitors to even make a short trip plan for Weekend Vacations for Auli to fulfill an earnest dream of great refreshing experience. Other attractions are artificial lakes and high peaks like Mana besides offering good options for spiritual activities. Holy confluence of Vishnu Prayag and nearby Badrinath is worth visiting religious places besides many adventure sports activities.

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