Most voracious readers love to skim through introduction before embarking on the journey the book is ready to take them on. India is just like the book with numerous interesting sections for states, amusing chapters for cuisine, history, culture, biodiversity, adventure and what not and many fine details to explore. And a package for Golden Triangle tour acts as introduction to this vast book, and serves rightly. Once the traveler knows what’s in it, he is in for a lifetime of experience, be (s)he a chef, conservationist, researcher, student for flora & fauna, or just an amateur traveler or tourist.

Here are some more amusing reasons why the Golden Triangle is so much popular with foreign travelers.

taj mahal tour

A peek into some master pieces of historical art

It’s not only about the forts and palaces of Jaipur, or only about Taj Mahal in Agra, or fortress of Fatehpur Sikri or the historical architecture marvels of Delhi. It’s about the skills on art and artifacts hidden in many aspects of the three places and about those who even had to give away their lives so that the art could materialize here like nowhere else, as was the case of Taj Mahal. People claim to experience love here and admiration there. This triangular circuit is thus meant for the connoisseurs as well as amateurs to who can appreciate art. Even the museums hold many valuables to look at.

jaipur hawa mahal

A walk in royal past

While traversing through very well-recorded and well-studied architecture, you would never miss the royal touch on every place you go. The richness in the dresses, ammunition, carving of the palaces, etc is all a telltale of the royalty that breathed in the place. In Amber Fort you can enjoy even a ride on an elephant just like those in the past, only minus festooneries. Dragah of Salim Chishti in Fatehpur Sikri is where Rajput Wife of Mughal Emperor Akbar went with a wish of child could also be seen. So essentially, you are walking the same roads, only at a different time.

delhi food

Tasting taste unique to the Golden Triangle

India cuisine has gained quite popularity thanks to the travelling chefs and now-easily-found Indian restaurant. However, what is brought to your table in such a place is a very miniscule pearl of the vast treasure trove of Indian cuisine. Even the fragrances wafting from street food lures foreigners on a tour to Delhi Agra Jaipur and anyone is hardly to blame for this. Dal-baati-churma with Chaach in Jaipur, Petha (a kind of sweet) of Agra and Chandni Chawk ke Parathe in Old Delhi are just the introductions on a spicy and sweet way.

Multi-religion ethnicity

The tours are more about an individual exploration and how far the person was able to satisfy his curiosity with previous and acquired knowledge. Those who want to understand a little more of India than just touring it, have much to unearth on his own, especially when it comes about dynasties and religions that made it a point to leave their mark on this land. This history was the major reason of present diverse ethnicity and gives much food for thought, which most of the foreigners enjoy and cherish, and in the process keep coming to India.

This is why the Golden Triangle tour package act as the initiation process of many travelers and tourists, welcoming to the vast geography, even vast history and limitless colors that they are ready get immersed into this land called India.