You have a special event coming and you want to make sure it is special. If you are looking to make a huge impression, hire a hummer limo. That is bound to make a lasting statement on your guests. A large H2 hummer can accommodate 20 to 24 passengers and has a range of features including big flat screen TVs with CD/DVD players, high output Stereo systems with surround sound, Ebony leather interiors, VIP booth area, fiber optic lighting with neon, black granite floor and a metallic finish among other features.hummer-limo1

So what kind of gathering can you arrive at in a hummer limo? Let’s take a look at five of them.

• Wedding / Wedding Reception: You only get one wedding reception with the one you love so you need to make it count. The Extreme H2 Hummer Limo for rent is the perfect way to show them that they mean everything to you. However, aesthetics is not all you enjoy with this beautiful beast, you also benefit from functionality as it can accommodate a large group of people. You can travel with your most important guests to the wedding reception venue.

• Bachelor / Bachelorette party: This is a time for you and your friends to have a fun night out before your big day. Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life so you need to be sure that the night before is just as flawless and almost as exhilarating. There’s no better way to kick it up a notch than hiring a hummer limo.hummer-limo2

• Wine Tour: One of the main attractions of Orange County is the illustrious vineyards. One of the best ways to take a wine tour around the best vineyards is taking a limo tour. You are bound to have the classy, luxurious trip that you have always dreamt about thought the luscious vineyards. It just wouldn’t be the same if you took your wine tour any other way besides the hummer limo.
• Birthday: You’ve celebrated your special day every year in every way you could think of: went out clubbing, threw a party at home, hired a mobile bar, etc. but have you ever included the incredible experience of the H2 hummer limo? If not, then invite a couple of your friends and experience a new way of enjoying a night out with a luxurious party on wheels. You can be sure that yours will stand out among many parties.

• Prom: Your kids are looking forward to their prom night just as you were looking forward to yours in your time. In addition to ensuring your kids have the best experience, hiring a hummer limo service for them ensures that they go straight to the prom and come straight back home. Therefore, making a reservation with a reputable limo service also ensures your kid’s safety and your peace of mind.

Hiring the H2 hummer limo is one of the surest ways of having the best night out with you and your friends at affordable rates.hummer-limo3

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