Chicago has in the in the recent past developed into an epicenter of leisure and entertainment. It oozes out sensational and thrilling leisure and recreational facilities for people who are ready to have more from life and have some time off the stresses and battering that life has offered them. Strictly speaking, Chicago is the best place to have all your leisure and entertainment thirst quenched. This land has a lot in to give you than you can imagine in terms of transportation, entertainment and educational facilities. If you love life and you have the desire to release yourself from the cages of stressful life or just in case you want to relief your body and mind from the manacles of life, then Chicago is the best place to be.

Entertainment in Chicago.

Chicago has the gained popularity and undisputed reputation in its entertainment sector, especially due to the fact that it has the best improvisational theatre facilities in the land. These theatres make the most from using improvisational strategies in acting for top class performance. Some of these theatres are:

· Goodman theatre

· The victory Garden theatre.

These theatres are served by some of the top class comedy groups in the land. The services by improving. Olympic comedians and the second city comedians just to name but a few, ensure that those people seeking to break their ribs with laughter get more than what they pay for.

In addition, this city is also endowed with Broadway-style entertainment with the biggest players in this sector being:

· Ford Centre theatre

· Cadillac palace theatre

· Bank of America theatre.

In terms of theatre entertainment, you have the best option in Chicago.

Transportation in Chicago.

In terms of transportation the city of Chicago is deemed as the heartbeat and the nerve Centre of transportation in the United States of America. This fact is reinforced by the presence of the meeting point of all the six railroads in the USA in the city. It is also true that the efforts of Transportation efficiency and Chicago Region environment to create private railroads has greatly cut down congestion in the city by a margin of about 33%.

The other thing is that Chicago city has nine interstate highways that are controlled and coordinated by the Chicago transit authority. Some of these highways include:

· Metra and pace

· Kennedy expressway

· Dan expressway

All these put together makes the city of Chicago most accessible city in the USA.

Education in Chicago.

Chicago has well-grounded reputation in producing some of the top higher education research and development. The top leading players in education sector of Chicago are, Lutheran and catholic funded institutions.

The well-known catholic sponsored schools in Chicago are;

· De La Salle Institute

· Gordon Technical High School

· Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

· Brother Rice High School

On the other hand some of the Lutheran sponsored schools include.

· Ida Crown Jewish Academy

· The Latin School of Chicago

· The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

· Francis W. Packer School

The educational curriculum offered in these two categories of schools are varied just like the schools of thought they come from.

If you are looking for a place to be entertained, educated and live in a place free from traffic congestion, then Chicago is the place to be. If you would like to travel Chicago you can use easyjet telephone number to make airline enquiries.