It is thought that traveling is one of the most exciting and richest experiences for a person, to know new cultures, different architecture and manners, to know ancestral and traditional places, everything you caught from a trip, will be in your memories for long time, even till the end. But what about traveling through luxury hotels? This is even better and here are some benefits which are obvious but maybe you don’t keep in mind when you travel:

1.       The first and most important difference you notice among stay at a luxury hotel and a normal hotel, is the service, the hospitality and attention you can expect in a luxury hotel is much better, professional and available than in a small hotel. Many travelers check for availability in the right hotel before purchasing their flights to Cologne.

2.      Room service, some days after long itinerary in the city and visiting ancestral places, in the evening you are just waiting the time to sleep but, of course you could get hungry at midnight or even worse, at 01:00 or 02:00 a.m. then you can simply make a phone call and order something which will be brought to your room, if you are in a small hotel, forget about it. Also, most of them are the closest to the airport hotels and count with service to pick you up from/to the airport 24 hours a day.


3.    The facilities, luxury hotels have different kinds of restaurants for any kind of food you would like to eat, shows and attractions while you are having dinner or jogging in the mornings for example, you have gym, swimming pool and also saunas to take relaxation seasons after or before a day full of adventure.

4.    Another good benefit is that luxury hotels works with many travel agencies therefore, the demand to book stays is really high, which let you get an attractive rate for advance booking.

5.   Also, advance booking includes benefits as tours in the city or, most visited places or buildings of the city with the rate you are paying, likewise, most of the cases the rate for advance booking includes the service all included. Since the travel agencies have a number of rooms available they have to pay before a season ends or starts, then adding value to their offers, makes it easier to sell the packages.

All you need to know about luxury hotels in and flights to Cologne, this old but young spirit city has everything to ensure you will enjoy a luxury trip from the first minute since you arrive to the city.

Book a luxury hotel, enjoy its services, this is your time!

Author Bio: The article is a contribution of Chirsty Wilson. She lives in Cologne with her family and love to share her knowledge with travelers. Hereby she wrote many topics related to tourism guide in which Cologne Airport is one of her best topics.