Ooty is one of the most nature-replete tourist destinations in India. There are number of attractions and alleurs of Ooty to explore and relish. The Avalanche Lake is one fine tourist point located in the vicinity of the city. Pick one from the best Ooty packages, book the tickets, and head to the city to explore-experience the tourist spot.

Ooty has no dearth of interesting as well as wonderful sites and places when the talk is about the nature allures and attraction. The place is referred as amongst the best places for sightseeing, honeymoon, trek, and adventure for valid reasons.

While one explores the attractions which the quaint hill town puts into display, and also including the tourist sites in the vicinity, there is a wonderful place that one ought to visit. The place is called Avalanche Lake and is one of the most beautiful artificial lakes in the Tamil Nadu State. It was formed because of the two dams constructed on the Bhavani river. The place is called so because of the fact that there was avalanche on the site in the early 1800s. Besides that, there is no other reasons or relation to the place with an avalanche. The beautiful lake sits at a distance of 28 km from the center of Ooty, and falls in the Nilgiri district of the state. There is a windy road going towards the lake. One could hire taxis/cabs to reach the tourist spot. Besides, there are certain Ooty tour packages, including Ooty honeymoon packages that also include a tour and night stay in the Avalanche Lake.Avalanche Lake

Today, the Avalanche Lake is a popular tourist site in Ooty tourism. Almost every single day in the place is filled with tourists and adventure buffs. There is often quite a rush in the tourist site, so booking tickets to the place in advance, helps one to enjoy their trip. The site of the lake is heavenly. It is perfect for photographers and sightseers. The lake sits in the middle of rolling landscapes that from a distance look like cauliflowers. Thick forests surround the lake, they are called Shola forest and are the evergreen forests. The forest cover is pretty dense, but it does face the danger of deforestation because of industrialization. Nonetheless, with the efforts of the government and the locals, the forest is pretty much well-preserved. Note that, littering is strictly prohibited in the place. Nonetheless, it is a self-assigned duty of the visitors to keep the place clean.hill station ooty

Apart from sightseeing, the place is also popular for Trout fishing. There is a trout hatchery in the place from where one can get every tool and equipment for fishing. Other than that, tourists also trek to the areas nearby and enjoy boating in the lake. Camping is also a popular activity in the spot. If you plan to camp here make sure that you do the pack everything required. Besides, the upper region of Bhavani is ideal for trekking as the place is the habitat to untouched, wide species of flora and fauna.near by places to visit in ooty

Additionally, there are three jaunts on a daily basis into the jungle. Two buses and a jeep take the tourists into the jungle for sightseeing and for experiencing the wilderness. However, as there will be quite a rush, so arriving early is the best way to confirm good seat.

In short, the Avalanche Lake is an imperative part of Ooty tourism without which a trip of the quaint town is simply incomplete. Simply head to the city to experience its beauty, hospitality, and tourist spots like the Avalanche Lake. Meanwhile, there are a number of good Ooty packages suiting the itineraries and requirements of the travelers. Do consider them when checking for the hotels.