The royal land of Rajasthan is among the most popular tourist destinations of India, which is popular worldwide for its heritage culture, awe-inspiring historical charm, beautiful art & crafts and architectural marvels. It is home to majestic forts, enchanting palaces, magnificent temples and enormous mansions. There are many other beautiful aspects of this royal state, which lure huge tourist traffic here from all over the world. The age-old traditions and charming culture of Rajasthan mysteriously blend inventiveness, glory and warm hospitality. There are several reasons that make it a must explore destination of India. Read the below written content and know what makes Rajasthan a not to be missed destination of India.

Splendid Monuments (Forts, Palaces, Mansions)

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Rajasthan has been a land of several royal dynasties, which have constructed a number of stunning monuments here. Those monuments are comprised of charismatic Havelis, royal palaces, colossal forts and splendid temples. There are several famous monuments in Rajasthan that attract travelers from all across the globe. Some of the most visited palaces in Rajasthan are City Palace in cities like Jaipur, Udaipur and Alwar, Fateh Prakash Palace, Jal Mahal, Lalgarh Palace Bikaner and Umaid Bhavan Palace Jodhpur. Most popular forts to be visited here are Amer Fort, Junagarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort and more. These monuments truly leave the visitors awed with their sheer brilliance.

Safari Tours

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Rajasthan is an ideal place to enjoy the safari tours and desert safari is the greatest appeal of the land that allows the visitors enjoying the true colors of this vast desert. In the sand dune of Rajasthan, safari tours can be enjoyed to exploring another beautiful aspect of the state in style. If you love adventurous activities, then there are a  number of adventure safaris available here, including camel safari, elephant safari, jeep safari, horse safari and motor-bike safari. These safari tours give a wonderful experience to the visitors that nowhere can be found.

Colorful Art & Crafts

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The ethnically rich land of Rajasthan also appeals the tourists with its incomparable arts and crafts. Items made of stone; wood and lac are very famous and given the exquisite look appealing for the visitors. The locals of Rajasthan inherit the artistic brilliance from as early as the 10th century. Several tourists come to Rajasthan for enjoying arts & crafts tour of the state and fall in love with the rich variety of their handicrafts. Unique paintings, intricately carved ornaments, wonderful bangles, and vibrant tie and dye fabrics are the part of those typical beautiful art & crafts of Rajasthan.  

Thar Desert

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Thar Desert creates a charismatic setting for eager travelers seeking to explore this mysterious beauty of the nature. This part of Rajasthan allures a number of adventurers from all corners of the world. This gold area creates a natural border line between India and Pakistan. With the pleasant views of the sand waves and the golden environment of the region, travelers enjoy crazy drives in the Thar Desert. This region of Rajasthan creates the perfect setting of the Arabian Nights.

Wildlife Experiences

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Along with forts, palaces, safari and desert, Rajasthan is also recognized for its exotic wildlife. Owing to its differences in topography and climate, Rajasthan offers incredible wildlife experiences to the visitors. There are numerous famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan that let the visitors having close encounters with wildlife animals and coming across many endangered species. Some popular national parks and sanctuaries are Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Desert National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park and Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary.  

Delicious Food (Cuisine of Rajasthan)

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Rajasthan cuisine is another great appeal for the visitors coming here. Travelers coming here don’t go without tasting the super delicious and super spicy variety of the dishes of Rajasthan. Rajasthani Cuisine is generally rich in taste and includes a really high spice element in compare of other Indian food. Culinary delights in Rajasthan are prepared using adequate amounts of ghee (clarified butter) and milk products. Some of the most dishes that travelers must try on their trip to Rajasthan are Daal, Baati & Churma, Ghevar, Gatte ki Sabji, Bikaneri Namkeen, Ker-Sangri and many other eatables.  

Pilgrimage Destinations

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Rajasthan is home to about each religion of the world and people of various religious faiths live here in complete harmony. Some of the most popular holy destinations of India are situated in Rajasthan. On Rajasthan pilgrimage tour, one can explore Jain Temples, Hindu Temples and Muslim Dargah. Brahma Temple of Pushkar is only known temple of Lord Brahma in the whole world. Dilwara Jain Temple and Ranakpur Jain Temples are not only holy places but also are the greatest example architectural richness of that era. Ajmer Sharif Dargah is one of the most popular Muslim pilgrimages of India.     

Apart from these attractions, fairs and festivals of Rajasthan, shopping opportunities, heritage hotels and traditional costumes are also among these reasons that attract travelers from all over the world. If you are already excited about visiting this royal state, then visit EaseMyTrip and book best of Rajasthan holiday packages.