New York is the world’s business hub and tourism hotspot. Combined with fashion and entertainment the city ranks top among its peers. It’s home to numerous world class hotels. The hotels range from one star to five stars depending on the quality of services and accommodation. New York has several expensive hotels. The top five most expensive hotels include;hotel in new york

1-Trump International Hotel & Tower

A five star hotel located in downtown New York, overlooking the Central Park.

-Caters to high end clients with extravagant spending budgets.

-Plenty of rooms and accommodation for luxury and comfort.

-Professional staff offering efficient customer service.

-Great dining options from a variety of cuisines offered by the hotel.

-The hotel location offers a great view of the city’s skyline and the central park.expensive hotel in newyork

2-The Ritz- Carlton New York

A state of the art facility located in Manhattan region of the city.

-Offers five star service and accommodation to high end clients.

-Excellent customer service coupled with world class meals.

-Great décor and stylish room features for luxury living and relaxation.

-The hotel services rival the best in the industry and clients, get value for their money.

-Located in a prime area close to the city’s hotspots.expensive newyork hotel

3- Four Seasons Hotel

A five star hotel at the heart of the city.

-Classic rooms and suites to cater for business top executives and high flying clients.

-Stunning features including décor are among the best in the industry.

-Great cuisine options offered and customer service at its best.

-The impressive amenities attract many clients to the hotel despite exorbitant charges.

-Conference and meeting rooms provided catering for business and other clients york hotels

4-Mandarin Oriental Hotel

A luxurious accommodation in midtown and among most prestigious in the industry.

-World class amenities catering for high end clients.

-Expansive rooms and suites with great décor and other luxury facilities.

-Excellent service and fine cuisine options cater for diverse clients’ appetites.

-Located in a prime zone for convenience and easier connection to other critical areas.

-The premises have a business center to cater meetings, conferences and other important functions.

-For fitness conscious clients the hotel provides fitness facilities for exercise and relaxation.

-Other facilities available include pool, spa, sauna, massage parlour among others, to cater for the physical needs of the york hotels booking

5-The St. Regis Hotel

A prestigious hotel in downtown New York.

-A pride of the city compared to the best in the world.

-It offers great service combined with world class amenities.

-There are luxurious rooms and suites to cater for top clients who frequent and stay in the facility.

-Its prime location allows clients to access other parts of the city with ease and convenience.

-The guest rooms provide great features for comfort and convenience of residents.

-Great dining options offered to cater for the clients’ diverse tastes and preferences.

-Business oriented clients are catered for through the provision of space where meetings are held.

-Other amenities offered include a fitness center, spa, pool and massage parlors for comfort and relaxation of clients.

New York is an international destination. It welcomes visitors from all parts of the world for leisure or business. Esta application is required for travelers who are not US citizens to be allowed entry into the country. The application is done online. A valid passport and credit card are essential requirements during the process.