When you think of going on a holiday in Phuket, you would not be incorrect to envisage pristine beaches, picturesque natural beauty and shimmering Blue Ocean. Its unexpected treasures; however, will amaze and delight you.

For all its uber-touristy hubs, Phuket is till date undoubtedly captivating. The city features the world-class restaurants, sparkling beaches and wild nightlife loaded with alleys of sun loungers; however, there are tranquil boat-tours to be taken around the bay islands and isolated places for relaxation.  So, whether, you are watch a transvestite Cabaret show or chilling in an infinity pool.

And above all, there is no scarcity of airlines providing cheap and nonstop flights to Phuket.

Following are the top-3 things to do when on a Phuket Holiday:

Phang Nga Bay

The attraction ranking on the top of our list is Phang Nga Bay. Incredible limestone formations bulge from the Phang Nga Bay, creating a splendid backdrop for kayaking excursions, island-hopping tours and cruises. Sights array from movie sets to villages on stilts.

Koh Panyee and James Bond Island are another two popular places in this bay. Till now the best way of relishing the picturesque vista, with just a brief rendezvous with the tourists at Koh Panyee and James Bond, is to take one of the boat tours from the northern side of Phuket.

A leisurely trip cruising via the impressive limestone islands, occasionally halting by to relish peaceful beaches, is much more rewarding as compared to standard bus-boat tour.phuket-attractions

Additionally, the fact that the bay is shielded from both the Southwest and Northwest Monsoon seasons means that water here remains quaint throughout the year, which adds an immense appeal to its ample wildlife and scenic marvels.

Wat Chalong

Most tourists worldwide book their direct and non-stop flights to Phuket from London, especially to visit the extremely famous Wat Chalong Temples. WATS- or Buddhist Temples are among the most significant symbols of Thailand, firstly because a major percentage of Thais are Buddhists and secondly they are so enchanting.

Wat Chalong has been offering a hearty welcome to tourists for over a century. Locals come here to pray and Westerners come to the Temples to learn a few things about Buddhism. The Temple is open for the visitors from 7AM to 5PM.

Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the most eminent Buddhist statues in Wat Chalong. It perches in the westerly old hall of the Temple, showcasing 2-statutes of an elderly gentleman named Ta Khee-lek, a renowned local who won numerous lotteries after consulting the statue of Poh Than Jao Wat.

SOI Bangla Nightlife, Patong Beach

Same as night owls, Soi Bangla wakes when the sun sets. Twilight is the time when liveliest and the hippest party zone of Patong is closed to traffic and ready for sizzling action! Known worldwide for its scorching nightlife, SOI Bangla goes out to entertain people with music, dance, cocktails and girls that rise in volume as the beautiful moon rises.

Crowded on most nights throughout the year, it is actually completely lively and a great place to walk around as all the chic bars out there compete for customers. The girls simply aim to please the people by  engaging in banter, dancing around the poles and coaxing customers to play bar games such as ‘Hammer the Nail’ or ‘Connect’ in order to break the ice.

Phuket’s incredible advantage is that there is always something to do and see both on and off the island whether it is shining or raining. From the serene to seemingly mundane, the array of activities and places to explore is astonishing given the destination of this size.

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