Organizing a golf tournament can be an effective way to channel a lot of dollars into your charity organization. Hosting a tournament calls for longer planning and a significant investment of money. However, if done right, the payoff can be anywhere near $10,000 or more, which is well worth the effort. No wonder, charity golf tournaments are rising in popularity throughout the US, and the number of organizations leveraging such events to raise fund are on the rise, too. For instance, in rural Nordman, Idaho, the Priest Lake Elementary School PTOs uses the proceeds from the annual golf tournament to provide computer education to their students. HP Byron Nelson Championship, one of the largest charity golf tournaments in Texas, which is held at the TPC Four Seasons Resort. A few years back this tournament reportedly raised $10.9 million in revenue and donated $4.7 million to charity. Anyone planning a tournament for the first time will find it challenging, but it tends to get easier as you get a hang of it. Don’t get discouraged if you cannot raise funds up to your satisfaction on the first attempt. Take a step by step approach – just like everything else in the world, practice makes you perfect.

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Rope in Someone to Lead With the right people driving your effort, your golf event is bound to be a success.  Choose someone with tournament experience, or at least one who has participated in a few such events. Such a person can provide the right knowledge and advice. If you cannot recall anybody who can offer a helping hand, tie up with the golf course where you would like to hold your event. The pros there can help you to chalk out the details of the event starting from the groundwork and logistics planning to booking players for the D-Day.

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Finalize the Day

There are two things to remember with respect to deciding on the day. First, golf clubs generally do not lend their courses for such events except on Mondays. Secondly, tournament costs vary from season to season – course fees are significantly less during certain times of the year. Ultimately, it is your audience that you should keep in mind while deciding what season or day would be the most appropriate for holding your event.

Decide on the Venue

Holding the tournament at a local public course is a good idea as they are less expensive than private courses, and may have greater availability for your chosen date and time. When booking your time, check the services the club provides. Will the club help you form the foursomes? Will you get carts for the day?  Will they provide lunch? Clearing your queries well in advance can be crucial to the success of your day.

Form a Committee

Form a team of volunteers to help organize your effort. Three or four dedicated people can put together a tournament. Springdale Elementary PTO had 30 people helping out. For your first effort, it helps to have at least half a dozen helpers, and some experts recommend as many as nine to 18. The work includes researching course options, getting the word out about the event, handing out registration forms, collecting prizes, selling sponsorships, and working on the day of the event.

Over 1 million golf events are held across the country every year. These help raise $5,000 on an average. This clearly shows that organizing a golf event is both fun and rewarding when you have the right planning at your disposal and the right team to execute it. Whether you are organizing a golf tournament in Texas or Tallahassee, the rule of the game is always same. So get set going – our tips will help you achieve the 18 holes of your success.