Indian weddings are famous asgrand affairs all around the world. As weddings happen once-in-a-lifetime, many young couples are now opting to make it memorable in more ways than one. This includes a rich lehenga and beautiful jewellery for the bride, a destination wedding for the guests, world cuisine on the menu, performers and artists from all over the world, and a lot more. While it was the parents who usually planned and financed weddings earlier; today, couples prefer to plan and execute them on their own. In fact, many people opt for a personal loan to finance their dream wedding rather than spend their savings or use their parents’ money.

A big fat Indian wedding is a symbol of strength, glamourized traditions and a celebration of social status. Some of the most common elements that constitute the grand Indian wedding include:


A Professional Wedding Planner – Gone are the days when the uncles and aunties of the family helped in planning and executing the entire function. Today, a number of leading wedding companies are hired for an end-to-end wedding solution. Your wedding planner will handle everything right from planning the theme and organising the logistics to creating unique decorations, elegant return gifts, and give a modern twist to age-old traditions.

2.A Gourmet Spread – Another crucial criterion that defines a big fat Indian wedding is the presence of mouth-watering food. You will now find most weddings offering all kinds of cuisines – right from Mexican, Chinese, Lebanese and Italian to South Indian and North Indian dishes.

An Exotic Location – Young couples don’t want to have any regrets about their big day and thus, are willing to go the extra mile for their wedding. Destination weddings have become the latest trend in the industry with many affluent families choosing to conduct their weddings out of their home city. The main reason being that such weddings are much more relaxed and fun-filled, making it a great option for many families. Some of the prominent destinations for weddings include Goa, Udaipur, Kerala, and Pondicherry in India; and Bali, Thailand, Greece, Mauritius, Spain and Italy around the world.

A Wedding Trousseau –A number of couples choose leading designers for their wedding and select outfits and appearances that are truly extraordinary.

Guest List – Another grand feature of the big fat Indian wedding is a celebrity guest list. Many couples are now extending invitations to powerful friends of their family members to attend this spectacle.

Couples want their wedding to stand out, and they are willing to spend some extra money to make it extravagant. Social media also plays a vital role in promoting the concept of the big fat Indian wedding and today, no youngster is shy in taking a personal loan to fulfil his / her lifetime dream of having a perfect wedding!