Yu Garden Shanghai offers visitors a lovely series of gardens within a larger, classical Chinese garden, encompassing 20,000 square meters. Opened to the public in 1961, the garden is now a national monument, drawing large numbers of tourists. You will likely find its location in the middle of Old Town convenient as it is near Shanghai hotels as well as local shops and restaurants.

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The Sights of Yu Garden

As you begin your stroll through Yu Garden Shanghai, you will first encounter the Great Rockery, a compilation of more than 2,000 tons of yellow stones melded together with rice glue by Ming designer Zhang Nanyang. From its top, you have a vantage point that affords you a panoramic view of Yu Gardens, including the six main areas – Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, Dianchun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall and the Inner Garden – as well as the renowned dragon walls that separate these scenic sites from each other.
Sansui Hall is a beautifully ornate structure that honours the harvest with wonderful carvings of fruit, wheat, millet and rice, among other harvest symbols. It was originally used for entertaining dignitaries when it was built in 1760. The largest pavilion in Yu Garden, it later became the site for ceremonies and imperial announcements.
Wanhua Chamber, the Pavilion of Ten Thousand Flowers, is known primarily for the 400-year-old gingko tree that stands 21 meters high in its courtyard. A building with striking architectural features, it makes a visit well worth the trip. Some of these features include overhanging roofs, painted columns and beams, as well as lovely wood carvings of orchids, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms.

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Dianchun Hall, also known as Hall of Heralding Spring, is a glass-enclosed hall that dates back to the Qing Dynasty. Once a site used for plotting the rebellion to overthrow the dynasty, this hall is sure to appeal to history buffs, containing a collection of weapons and coins belonging to the rebels.
Huijing Hall, a garden lover’s paradise, offers spectacular views of the garden due to its placement in the centre of Yu Garden. Ponds, large trees, rock formations and bridges are among the attractive elements.
Yuhua Hall, which translates as the Hall of Jade Magnificence, directly faces the Exquisite Jade Rock and was designed for the specific purpose of providing a place to view it. Standing 3.3 meters high, the Exquisite Jade Rock contains 27 holes that create a spectacular show when water poured over the top flows out from all of the openings at once.
Inner Garden, the quietest portion of Yu Garden, is resplendent with architecture that is pure artistry such as the Hall of Serenity and Guantao Tower. Patrons of the arts will also enjoy the intricately carved pavilion known as the Ancient Stage, where local calligraphers and other artists display and sell their handiwork.

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