The largest country of South America, Brazil brings the Most exuberant and unique celebrations of New Year that are popular all over the globe. Mix of man cultures produced exquisite series of traditions with religious background to carry out the huge merriments on the Eve. The New Year event referred as “Ano Nove” and “Revillion” is highly significant and prominent celebration for Brazilian people. South American, African and French culture have left their impressions on the customs of Brazilian life style. The occasion has been celebrated since long time with religious as well as entertainment aspects. It entails huge gatherings at beach of Copacabana, fabulous parties at streets, pubs, clubs and party halls to express their aroused emotions to welcome New Year and gain best fortune. Rio de Janeiro throws most extravaganza parties for special eve that presents musical night, art performances, dancing and much more. Large number of tourist visit Brazil to attend the spectacular festivity of New Year.

Traditions for New Year celebration

ImageBrazilian New Year lies in favourable and mild weather to provide a chance of celebrating the whole event on the sea shore. People gather to crowd the beaches specially Copacabana beach at Rio to perform the rituals and to collect good fortune through religious and casual merriments. Grand fire work presentation is most worthy part to enjoy on the beach as the clock struck mid-night. Full-night party and dances with never ending celebrations draws attention of about 2 million people from around the world to experience Brazilian fascinations.

Blessed Food

Food is the symbol of health and prosperity, Brazilian traditions take this fact forward along with the religious believes to make huge celebrations of New Year with specific products to eat that can bring good luck for future year. Rice and Lentils are traditional foods to bring blessings and prosperity in your life. Eating 7 raisins at mid-night also means wellbeing for you and keeping its seeds in your wallet will keep your wallet filled with money. Sea food is also considered to be suitable to eat on the eve for gaining blessings for coming days.

Clothes of celebration

To participate in Brazilian New Year celebration, you need to wear white as base colour of your dress or use neutral shades to main outfit.  You can not deviate from this tradition if you wish to get blessings of gods. If you wish you to add colour in your dress than keep it in accessories as they also contains beneficial properties and effects to touch your life. As white is the shade of peace, green also contains good fortune for health and prosperity, purple inspires you to move forward, yellow is the colour of money and gold whereas red drives your passion wild.

Offering for Sea Goddess

Several offerings has been said on the famous beach of Rio to oblige Goddess Lemanja for all the blessings and good luck. As she have full power over the seas according to Brazilian belief, you need to offer prayers, candles, flowers, best eatables and other things to the goddess to keep her happy. So she would bless you with your desires and success. People make wishes along with their floating patters of offering to the goddess to throw in the sea, and if those things come back to you it means that these are not accepted by the deity and you will not be granted the wish.

Other acts are also performed on the shore to elevate the good fortune and success in everything you do during the year. To make this happen, people jump 7 times over 7 different waves along with making wishes for coming year on each. It is said that chances are higher to make the wish come true if you perform it well, on Rio beach this act is done 3 times.

Celebrating this New Year at Brazilian bash would offer a chance to print photos on canvas of mesmerising events to store and dwelling in those cherishing moments again and again for rest of your life.

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