The annual package holiday is a time for rest and relaxation, all is arranged, leaving you with the peace of mind, that, should something untoward occur, you are covered by some form of insurance. The majority of popular exotic resorts will have a range of extreme water sports on tap, as this is the current interest area. Taking part in these hi-energy activities can be exhilarating, and even more so, when you know you are covered in the event of an injury.

Injury claims

A sprained ankle in Morocco or perhaps St. Lucia, can be an expensive fix, and you might be surprised to know that your accident could be covered by package holiday rules. For the sake of insurance claims, the definition of a package holiday is one when two or more elements of the holiday –transport and accommodation, for example, were booked as one package with a UK company.  This applies to overseas claims, providing the booking was made in the UK. So, if you have just returned from your annual break and have some medical bills, contact UK Claim Lawyers to find out if you can claim for your holiday injury.

Traffic accidents

Many of the tourists who rent a small motorcycle to tour the tropical islands, are unaware of local road laws, and conditions, which can cause accidents. The motorcycle rental company may have some form of insurance to cover damage to the bike, but regarding you or your property, it is unlikely.

A small thing

Some people write the experience off, as the injury was minor and didn’t cost the earth, yet the costs can easily be recouped by making a claim on the package tour company’s insurance. Simply search for a reputable online legal organization, and by answering a few simple questions, you can find out if a claim is possible.

Sickness claims

If you suffered an illness while abroad, which wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. That undercooked lamb that cost you three days in a Greek hospital, not only ruined the holiday, it also took most of the budget. Fortunately, modern online insurance specialists can quickly tell you whether your expenses can be reclaimed, or indeed if you are entitled to compensation for missed activities. The day trip to Disneyland that had to be called off due to sickness, may well fall within the requirements of the UK holiday regulations, which means after making a claim, you will be reimbursed.

Adventure mode

One thing about the holidays, we all love to let go a little, extreme sports are exhilarating, and are often readily available. Water skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving, to mention a few. While these heart racing experiences are awesome, the chances of an injury are great, and even a minor cut can be the start of something nasty, especially in tropical climates.

That is not to say we should abstain from dangerous activities, absolutely not. Having fun is what holidays are all about, and we should continue to push the boundaries in pursuit of enjoyment, just remember to stay safe and check you are insured.