Have you explored Rome, but this time wish to look a different side of Italy? Is it so that you want to experience a diverse Italian living? If yes, then it makes sense to include a weekend or a day trip to nearby places in Rome. Although the Eternal city is filled with several attractions to take away a month’s time, a unique touch of living is observed in its nearby towns for giving you a refreshing mini-break from a tour of typical Italian sights!rome


This is one of the forgotten cities of the past! It was where Emperor Hadrian came when they required a break from the capital. The main highlights of this town are its hilltop location, Villa D’Este, and the Hadrian’s Villa as his holiday home. Did you know Hadrian have designed several complexes that replicate edifices he saw during his voyages? Well, that was his specialty! His own villa here was completed in 134 AD.

Formerly a convent, the Villa D’Este looks more modern, as it was transformed into a grand residence in the 16th century, after which it was a private home until the 19th century. Today, its main attractions are the beautiful gardens, fountains, and terraces. It takes only an hour to reach Tivoli from Rome, but start early if you wish to grab more memories throughout the day.Viterbo


Reaching to this beautiful town takes 30 minutes from Rome, irrespective of whether you choose bus or train. Come here in the afternoon to relish a cool visit to well-preserved medieval heritage as well as shelter of erstwhile successive Popes. The history is revealed, as you pass through a dense labyrinth of meandering streets, thick fort-like walls, and stone edifices. For adventure and natural fans, the town is an ideal base for trekking in the northern Lazio hills as well as for exploring natural springs.


This is the ‘better Pompeii’ located at a distance covered only in 30 minutes from a local train in Rome. Established in the 4th century B.C., this harbor town is unbelievably well preserved that attracts both new and old tourists from the Eternal City. You can roam around edifices in the form of the bathhouse with floor mosaics intact, taverns, and apartments. Nothing seems to be ruined here, although they are relics.


This is the name of the Alban hills that have been flanking the Eternal City with over 10 small but pretty towns as well as several vineyards offering cocktails to the Romans for centuries. Of all the vineyards in this area, the most famous one is Frascati that has international recognition for its wines. Accessible in less than half an hour from Rome, the area is unbelievably accessible. You can easily stroll through the vineyards for tasting some white wine and chewing some olives for good health. Do you need anything else in a hilly area?