If you are looking for an exotic destination to slice hot waves, North Korea is an option with new surf destination. News from concern agents such as Korea International Travel Company and North Korea tourism bureau have confirmed that there are handful of resorts along the coastline for surfers. The resorts are characterized by range of accommodation with stays at Songdowon, Lake Sijung and Majon that borders the east sea. The resorts are entrusted to boast indoor bowling alley, swimming pool, Sauna, vapor room and oversize board to offer opportunity to play traditional Korean game. The resorts also offer surfers with in-house restaurant bar and beach and ocean view.

ImageBesides surfing, tours traverse excursions to historic and cultural sites close to the city. Sun and surf surpasses the brutal dictatorship picture of North Korea. North Korea is trying to reposition itself as a hot tourism destination. Foreigners are welcome with resorts ready to give tourists the best. Tourists are assured of fascinating scenery and refreshing environment with tours to landmarks close to the capital. Tourists are allowed to visit with guided trips to help give them overwhelming experience at affordable rates around the year.

North Korea is the world’s most secretive country characterized by many secret surf sports. For one to discover the places, it will be possible to ride the waves in the land. There are 1550 miles of coastline towards the east side. If given the opportunity to surf waves in North Korea, then head to the East Sea because the local sea currents circulate in counterclockwise direction to clearly hit the exposed coast.

Coming from Hamhung up to north of Sonbong, there are plenty of surf areas to discover. The coastline is dominated by tiny fishing villages, complexes, jetties, eternal dunes and plenty of white sand beaches giving a clear look.

Spots are basically exposed to North Korea with swells liable of making better chances to deliver perfect waves for surfing. Jungho, Pungeo, Gangsangni, SinchangGeonja, Iwon, Tanchon, Ilsin and Rajin are among the train stations where tourists stop to check the surf. In addition, Kimchaek is characterized as perfect frame wave breathing in the open swell and it is surrounded by mountains.

On the way to coastline, there is long beach with a strong potential for wave riding along unexplored surf and green fields as background scenario. On the opposite side towards southwest coast, there are pristine, natural, crystal clear waters and desert islands. There is also Ongjin region with multiple river mouths legible to give ultimate surf experience. North Korea is known for its unexplored surfing paradise. With long and sharp coastline, there are regular swells on the Eastern coast that overwhelm many visitors.

There is guaranteed security with heavy military guarding the beaches. Tour guides are cooperative with close coordination from main office. When the surf is working, visitors can leave by bus or train. The place is not populated thus it gives visitors opportunity of catching waves with clear view. There are retreat places designed to be true escape for couples and small groups that have feeling of relaxation, pampering and enjoy quite gateway. For adults, the resorts are fitted with intimate environment with all inclusive packages and incredible view of waves and cliffs.