The southern part of India has always been associated with delightful and luxurious experiences. Being a treasure trove of rich culture and heritage, it is a region where everything will be loved deeply- be it the sense-evoking aroma of south Indian cuisine appreciated paradisaical scenery, the historical remnants of royalty, etc. There is so much to choose from but these are the top five things that will help you get a flavor of luxury during your South India trip:houseboat cruise

Grand houseboat cruise: Houseboats flowing over the edenic backwaters of South look like small houses slowly moving over white clouds in heaven. A houseboat cruise will thus promise an experience of a lifetime as you sail through the waters lined with tall palm trees reaching out to the mighty sky. Standing under the night sky lit up with the silver light of the moon and stars, feeling the cool breeze touch your face, watching the ripples in the water will make you go ga-ga!top beaches

Sumptuous beaches: South India is bordered with a long coastline. There is an Arabian Sea in the west, Bay of Bengal in the east and the Indian Ocean in the South. Also, these three meet each other at the southernmost point of Indian Mainland- Kanyakumari. Having told so much about the coastline we can clearly take out the conclusion that South of India is dotted with resplendent sun-kissed beaches. So visit South India and spend your time at leisure or enjoy some water sports, there’s a lot to do actually!aurveda resorts

Deluxe Ayurveda resorts: Ayurveda resorts provide a perfect escape from the stressful metro life. You will be made to follow a strict schedule from morning till the night and you will be served with a healthy vegetarian diet to release your body from internal strains. Along with this, yoga experts will train you regarding some basic asanas, relaxation techniques and much more. Also, the aromatic massages were using natural herbs will be cherry on the cake!

Culture and heritage brilliance: All south Indian states boast of a rich culture and are proud owners of various heritage remnants. Ayurveda resorts about which we have talked above practice the 5,000 year old system of natural healing, there are several monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites that talk about the period gone by, there are culture centers and museums which showcase the cultural extravaganza and legacies from ancestors in the form of dances, plays, articles etc.south india luxury train

Luxury trains: Two luxury trains traversing through South India are The Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey. Offering you the experience of a five star luxury journey, these have the best of food, inbuilt spa, gym, lounge bar etc. You can choose among many itineraries covering different aspects of South India trip best suiting your tastes and preferences.