Krakow is a beautiful, safe city with a great infrastructure for tourists. It’s no surprise that lots of families come here for a weekend away or as part of a larger trip around Poland or Europe. Little visitors from all over the world love to discover Krakow’s secrets along with their parents and enjoy the stories, legends and fire-breathing dragons (yes!) that help to make their stay such an adventure.  Try to keep up with them and bring a little extra money for souvenirs – we’re taking the kids to Krakow!

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Where kids learn and have fun

Just like you would when travelling anywhere else with kids, it’s important to find places that that appeal to their interests and will keep them engaged. A good idea for spending time with kids in Krakow is taking them on a walk through the local traditions and legends. There’s nothing like a good story to get their attention and places like Wawel Castle and the Old Town are full of them. Krakow city guide can illustrate colourful history with tales and characters that will bring it to life for little adventurers. Every street is an opportunity to introduce different symbols of the city like the Wawel Dragon or the Lajkonik. Or maybe stories of enchanted knights and pigeons? Children from outside of Poland are unlikely to be familiar with many of these legends and so they will be that much more engaged on hearing them for the first time. How about a visit to a candy factory? Seeing colorful bits of deliciousness made from start to finish is just the thing to make them feel like they’re in a fairy tale themselves!

Another fun and informative trip for kids is a visit to the Underground Museum in the main square. The designer of this exhibit about life in Krakow in the Middle Ages made sure to create a very interactive, easily accessible experience for younger visitors, full of things to see up close and touch. In recreating the past, they made sure to avoid recreating another stuffy, old-fashioned museum experience. There’s even a special zone for kids with unique attractions just for them.

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Kids like to talk to Krakow guides and our guides like to talk to kids

Remember that it’s easy to arrange a private guide that will not only show you around Krakow but gladly help with various practical matters associated with travelling and specifically travelling with kids. Our guides can share a long list of places and activities that are great for kids and will help everyone better enjoy themselves.

You can find more information about everything we’ve listed here on site: Krakow City Guide. Don’t forget that the site is available in lots of other languages besides English if that’s easier for you. See you soon in Krakow with the kids!