Jhansi is the perfect destination for the history buffs and culture enthusiasts. Popularly known for Rani Lakshmi Bai, the city is one of the most illustrated cities of central India. Visit the historical city to explore experience the history of India and pick from the best hotels in Jhansi.jhansi tour

Jhansi, a historic name known to everyone, is a significant city of Uttar Pradesh. Situated on the banks of river Pahuj and sandwiched between Betwa River and Pahuj River, the city falls within the Bundelkhand region of the state. It is just often called as the Gateway to Bundelkhand as the city of Bundelkhand is few kilometers away. Filled with some significant historical landmarks that are significant both architecturally as well as historically, the city has some interesting and heroic tales to tell. Just often referred as the city of the brave, Jhansi is the land where the battle between Rani Lakshmi Bai and the British Army took place. It is the city that witnessed the courage and might of the Queen.places to visit in jhansi

On account of its huge historical significance and the monumental places, the city ranks amongst the most popular tourist destinations in India. The good thing is that there are sufficient hotels in Jhansi that accommodate the visitors. It is one of the most celebrated cities in India with the story of Rani Lakshmibai been included in primary school books. It is an old city that flourished within and around the strong walls of the Jhansi Fort. According to a popular legend, the place derived the name Jhansi from a distant hill in the region where one can only see the shadow of the fort fondly called “Jhian-si”, which later permanently got attached with the city as Jhansi. The place was the seat of the Chandelas and flourished under their reign.jhansi fort

The most prominent event of Jhansi’s history is when the king of Jhansi died in 1853 leaving behind no male heir to the throne. The British tried to forcibly retire the king’s widow Rani Lakshmi Bai by annexing the kingdom. The queen along with her brave soldiers protested the annexure of the British force in the famous battle of Kotah-ki-Sarai where the queen lost the battle and met a glorious death in 1858. In 1886, the city finally came under the direct rule of the British, who held their sway over the regions till India’s independence.

The city is today marked with a grand fort and the remnants, ruins of the glorious past. Thousands of tourists and history buffs visit the city every year to explore and walk amidst the historic monuments. The city is one of the best places to experience and discover more about the Indian history and old cultures. Compared to other large metropolitans of India, the city is quite small and ranks as a developing city. However, the city is sufficiently equipped with modernization and tourists here will have a good time exploring the attractions of the city.jhansi ki rani

The most significant sightseeing spots of the city are: Rani Mahal and Government Museum, Jhansi fort, Isckon Temple, Laxmi Temple, Karguan Jain Temple, Narayan Bagh, Garhmau Lake, Shri Kali Temple, Jarai Ka Math, Shrine of St. Jude Church, Bundelkhand University, and Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University. For those who are looking for hotels that also provide tour services, the 3 Star hotels in Jhansi located near the main tourist attractions are ideal options to pick from.

The past few decades also saw the growth of the city as a major centre for education. There are large numbers of schools, colleges, research institutes, IT institutes, and universities spread all over the place.