India is the land of edenic beauty. People visit here for lot many reasons like wildlife excursion, heritage exploration etc. Of all these one of the important reasons why people so frequently visit India is for a romantic sabbatical.

Be it making your honeymoon blissful or reigniting the passion with your beloved, India has plenty of destinations where you and your better half could escape and enjoy each other’s cosy company. There are tranquil hill stations, romantic beaches and much more which spark up the romance between both of you and what you will take back are the memories of happy times spent together.

Let us have a look at the top romantic escapes in India. Some of these are a little offbeat but they never lag behind in giving the best of experiences when it comes to romanticism.

Shimla:shimla travel

The beauty of Shimla is admired world over. Love birds flock this place occasionally to celebrate each other’s company and to have some good time together. Mountains clad in snow so white and manicured grass acreages spreading across wide areas are the prime attractions of Shimla. Alongside these, you can pamper your beloved by taking her out for shopping at the Mall and lower bazaar. Plus Viceregal Lodge is one of the most famous attractions which you should not miss out on. Last but not the least, you can seek the blessings of God almighty for a fulfilling life as you visit Tara Devi Temple, Christ Church, and Dorje Drak Monastery.

Kerala Backwaters:kerala backwater

A cruise along the waters so blue, flowing with the breeze so fresh- that is exactly how a Kerala backwaters tour is described. Senses rejuvenate and body is revived from the strenuous city lifestyle, once anyone embarks on a Kerala Backwaters cruise. Moreover, when disembarking the cruise a lovely beach awaits its guests, eager to welcome them with its pristine beauty. Leisure time spent with your beloved in the Kerala Backwaters tour will be once in a lifetime experience. The highlight will be a dream sequence kind of a dinner with your better half under the night sky while on the houseboat.

Munnar:munnar tour and travel

Third on the list is the paradisiacal beauty during South India tour – Munnar. Situated in Kerala, this hill station stands as one of the most visited honeymoon destinations in India. The expansive well manicured tea gardens and fresh aroma of tea leaves tearing through your hotel room are the major attractions for travellers here. Couples can take a walk through the tea estates which look heavenly and out of this world.  There are some mesmerizing waterfalls in and around Munnar where couples can sit and have a chat together.

Udaipur:udaipur tour

Also referred to as Venice of the East due to several lakes present here, Udaipur is a city to celebrate the regal past of India in a romantic setup. There are many resorts located in the vicinity of picturesque lakes which are perfect romantic escapes for couples to enjoy and bask in royal hospitality extended in Udaipur. A boat ride during sun rise or sunset will be the ideal set up for both of the partners to rejoice their romance. City Palace is also one ‘not to miss’ attraction in Udaipur.

Goa:goa beach tour

Goa hosts large number of tourists every year from India and as well as abroad. People who look out to have fun and let loose flock Goa. The nightlife is very enjoyable and happening and you can definitely hit the roads at night hours to have a great time of your life. Such is the popularity of Goa’s nightlife that there are some markets which open only during night hours and these markets are hell lot fun to explore. And coming on to the best feature of Goa- its beaches are the best spots to relax. Also adventure loving couples can try out water sports.


Many people from the plains like to visit Darjeeling because it is serene and tranquil and gives them a perfect hideout from the ongoing rat race. This is the reason why couples also go for a sabbatical here. Offering the best of tea estates, this city in West Bengal is very lovely and eye pleasing when we talk about its scenic beauty. Some attractions to look out for in Darjeeling are the tiger hill and of course tea gardens. Apart from these, live some innocent moments with your beloved as you take a ride in the very much famed toy train.

Khandala:khandala tour

Have you listened to the song from Amir Khan’s movie- “Aati kya khandala?” (Literally meaning- will you come to Khandala?) This song highlights the fact that how popular Khandala is when it comes to embarking on a romantic tour. Not only this, many other Bollywood movies have mentioned about this destination as a perfect spot for honeymoon goers! The pristine beauty of this place will leave many spell bound. You will not like to leave this place early- such is its enchanting effect.

Do you plan to go out on a romantic sabbatical then these places will serve the purpose best! You can choose the most elite hotels for a comfortable stay and plus you can prepare an itinerary with the choicest of destinations included. And ta daaa!!! You are ready for a tour in one of India’s most romantic escapes.