From Cyprus to Athens, Greece has enchanted the world for centuries. Known as the birthplace of democracy, with ancient traditions kept alive to this day, thousands of people visit Greece every year to experience the history and rich culture of this fascinating country. Greek food is well loved around the world, and visiting Greece is the best way to experience this appetizing cuisine, and see what the new generation of Greek chefs is doing to breathe new life into traditional recipes and cooking methods.

However, visiting the mainland is often crowded and unpleasant; so many tourists flock to the country from all over the world that historical sites are full to overflowing, restaurants are full to bursting, and accommodation can be hard to find in peak season. To experience the best of this unique and culturally rich nation, try a different approach, and travel to Greece in a Greece sailing boat.

Chartered Greece sailing boats, often with a Greek skipper to make everything easy, are available at all the major ports. Sailing boats of all sizes are usually on offer, from small boats capable of day trips for one or two people, to palatial yachts designed to host small groups for an overnight stay or several nights’ luxurious travel. Whatever your holiday plans, you are sure to find a sailing boat to suit your needs, and avoid the bustle and busyness of the mainland. When you’re enjoying the fresh ocean breezes, having a quick swim and then drying off in the sun on your private sailing boat while the beautiful coastline slips by, you’ll wonder why anyone would choose to see Greece any other way.greece sailing tour

When you’re choosing a company to hire a sailing boat from, ask around, and find out experiences other travelers have had with the Greece sailing boat. Think about your needs, or the needs of your group. For example, do you have anyone in your group with a health condition, or small children? You may only want a day trip if someone needs regular medical attention or has small children who are unused to sea travel. Perhaps you’re a seasoned sailor, or have people in your group who enjoy fishing and nautical pastimes. Looking for a charter boat company who offer fishing trips or can teach you how to sail would be an excellent idea for a more experienced group of travelers.

Whatever the needs of your group, take the time to find a sailing boat that fits your needs, and offers the best experience for your perfect holiday. Then take the time to relax, enjoy the ride, and soak up some marvelous Greek sunshine while admiring the scenic surroundings of the islands and coastline of this magical country. Try and see some of the less visited areas of the country, savor some real local food, and get a different perspective on Greek culture and life in the country today. You’re sure to have an unforgettable experience on your Greece sailing boat, and perhaps see a different side of Greece to the normal view of a tourist. Do your research, and book a sailing boat today!