Fear should never prevent you from travelling alone! But it’s perfectly natural if your fears are holding you back to embark on a solo trip. We all feel safe and secured at our home and do not want to travel solo unless there is any urgent need. Travelling solo might be full of choices and opportunities but on the flip side, you might end up spending lots of money as well. But don’t be apprehensive to do so as there are lot many perks and benefits that money can’t buy you. One of the first things to break your fear is to face it and determine whether it truly makes any sense or not. So go for it and give it a try, you’ll surely love to travel alone next time.

Here are some of reasons why you should give go for it!

solo travel

Know the tricks for staying safe

Make sure how to take care of yourself. This is actually easy. Just think about how you stay safe at your home and what do you do for that. Firstly, book the hotel, hostel or serviced apartment you will stay in, prior to your visit after doing thorough research of the area. Check how stringent is the security facilities available there. Go not step out or travel late night since you don’t know the area well, do not get intoxicated at bars and do not flash your valuables. Surely you don’t do all these things at your own home as well. If your answer is ‘yes’ then you already know what are things you should avoid to stay safe.

Some other things to keep in mind are- check your country’s government warnings, learn all the emergency numbers,  get the info about the local scam from your hotel or serviced apartment staff before you go out to explore and last but not the least, trust your intuition.

Will get to meet interesting people

The irony of travelling solo is that you will never be alone and are more approachable. Solo travel can be revitalizing as you can get to meet new people on your way. There are locals who will approach you and help you if you alone. So feel confident, prepared and relaxed while socializing with them and ask for help if you need any. But don’t trust any stranger blindly.

You can take suggestions and help from local guide. Get introduced to the new city with the help of your guide which means you’ll know somebody who knows their way around.

You can get along with other solo travellers instead of being part of a couple or a group. This would be more fun as you already share something very prominent in common.

Be more open and curious

If you are travelling alone it means you are allowing yourself to know who exactly you are and what you want to be, without getting influenced by the judgement of other people, who have influenced you throughout your life. It means you are realizing your strengths and what are the things you can do on your own. So let the real you shine on the road for which you need to stay open and curious. Learn new things with your first hand experience, and let yourself know that you are brave and independent to do single thing on your own.

Thus, without giving it a try, you shall never get the opportunity to impress yourself. Be a curious solo traveller, set your own agenda and explore new places at your own pace.

Prepare yourself adequately

If you are a well-prepared solo traveller then you are surely a confident solo traveller. You can feel confident. Make sure you pack up and decide everything prior to your tour. Do your home work well and research the destination you are heading to so that you get all the basic information. Doing all these will keep you confident.

Try and save up more money and keep some extra amount instead of your calculated budget for emergencies in case things go wrong.  While on tour, be little smart about your spending habits. Thoroughly go through all your visa requirements to avoid any last minute surprises.

Travel to any part of the world alone, choosing all the pathway yourself and enjoy every minute of it!