Seeing better places in itself gives fulfillment and gives huge joy to human personalities. Air Balloon is one of the most seasoned and fruitful airborne vehicle which cleared approach to advanced innovation. Now imagine experiencing the exhilarating spots of Agra from an alternate point of view, unheard by the typical tourists. Air Safari is one such option which has been on the ascent in the late years and gives some really hair raising panoramic views of the Taj Nagri. Of course, Taj Mahal is the highlight of this one!

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To reach Agra, one can easily opt for a fun car ride via Taj Expressway, or for the lazy souls, who prefer to just sit back and let the journey unfold, a Delhi to Agra train would be a feasible and an ideal option. Once you reach Agra, take a taxi and reach the VIP Road to Taj Mahal to get set and have a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous Taj!

Appreciate getting an airborne perspective of the World Heritage locales in Agra. As you move up, experience the exciting and energizing minutes, which will sway you far from the area. The balloon ascents up to an altitude of around 250 mts. At the point when this helium balloon begins ascending into the mists, a feeling of nebulous vision from the disorderly world is by all accounts the most surreal feeling you could ever experience. The view of the ‘Epitome of Love’, the Taj Mahal, standing grandly on the banks of Yamuna is heavenly, and a sight to see. One can get a splendid airborne perspective of the whole Agra city. Seeing the Sunrise, Sunset and even a very ride in the moonlit night with the Yamuna flickering down underneath, is one exciting and a mesmerizing feel altogether.

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This delightful ride has turned into an awesome tourist attraction right from the initiation in the year 2013. It pulls in individuals of the nation and universally, inferable from the unparalleled adrenaline spout fluxed with the beautiful spectacle, it offers. The well being and security principles are in accordance with the European standards. The balloon can carry a maximum of 16 travelers at a given time.

The best time to take the Air Safari is in the middle of October and March. Official picture takers are accessible in the event that you need to get this cherishable moment held up forever. The timing is from Sunrise till 8.30 pm, and the recurrence is each thirty minutes. Be there to encounter the all encompassing, stunning and astonishing scene more than ever.

The rates vary contingent upon the nationality and time one needs to invest in the Safari. For Sunrise and Sunset, the cost is Rs 750/ -, for a day ride, the cost is Rs 500/ – and a full moon ride costs Rs 1000/ – Well, a full moon ride is one exotic experience, that is ideal to take your better half or sweetheart out for a date. So do not miss on this at any cost, since, nothing can be sweeter and cherishable than spending some aerial moments in the city of love, with your love!

From Delhi to Agra train, to up in the sublime extents of the skies, the journey and vistas you get are truly mind boggling. This Aerial Safari will definitely stay in the deepest corners of your memories till eternity. Enjoy, buddy!