Months of planning and you’ve at last got married! After all the franticness of the wedding, that is, finding the ideal venue, getting your perfect dress with the perfect fit from the tailor, endlessly fussing over logistics, and so on; the sole thing that stresses most of the couples is zeroing in on the right honeymoon destination. Although we all have dreams of cruising through the Scandinavian countries, or sprawling on a hammock overlooking the turquoise waters of Bora Bora, but when it comes to actuality, the dream bubble simply bursts. Worry not, there are ample destinations outside India which will suit your taste and your pocket both. Excited?

Here’s a list you will simply adore. These are some of the most stunning places outside India that are not just dream like, but also fit your pocket like magic! Who wants Vegas now when you can get double the fun and pleasure in Bali?


bhutan travel


For the social history buffs, Bhutan offers some astounding honeymooning alternatives. Commend your union at a seventh century sanctuary or a seventeenth century fort or in an old castle that resounds with astonishing stories of yesteryears. You can opt for the sorted Bhutan tour packages, or simply do it all spontaneous. Hypnotize her with a helicopter visit over the perplexing Himalayas, go for a biking visit over the winding streets of Bhutan and enjoy some social, profound and wellness tours together. The best part, all this won’t even hurt your pocket, even a bit!



qatar honeymoon

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Find the way of life and legacy of Doha in the ethnic city of Qatar. The conventional painstaking work, the wooden trimmings, antiquated remains and civic establishments; Qatar is living proof of the inconceivable and rich society of the Middle-East. What’s more, the shopping options here are simply to die for! It is generally as magnificent as it is moderate! List ready?



combodia honeymoon

Perfect for a rosy, romantic stay along the flawless shorelines, Cambodia is an impeccable budget destination for honeymooners. For a cosy stay, book a room at the Saracen Bay Resort, go for a lengthy drive along the tremendous streets of Cambodia with your dearest and take a  gastronomic ride with some delightful sea food delicacies. Want more? The visa is available on arrival, for a period of upto 30 days!



indonesia travel

With a limitless expanse of greenery all around – that is Indonesia for you! This wonderful island is so rich in greenery that numerous spas are arranged without an appropriate working, in the midst of the normal surroundings of trees! The splendid blue-green oceans here give an immaculate spot to laze around and unwind with your beloved. If you two are seafood lovers, then you will love this nation without a doubt!



philippines honeymoon

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Comprised of 7,107 islands, Philippines has a lot of romantic spots to explore. In the event that you and your accomplice are beach babies, then Philippines is the spot for you both! Love birds can unwind at the beach, getting a charge out of the perfectly clear waters and lounging in nature’s bounty. Enjoy scuba diving, cliff diving or kite boarding with your significant other. Also if you two are foodies, then you can go for food tasting or ride a cart over the boulevards of Manila to see the fantastic Spanish settlements.