Portugal is located in Southwest part of Europe and borders the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. In terms of leisure traveling, Portugal is known for its romantic and elegant experiences thus it is trusted by many visitors. The country is made up of the mainland as well as amazing Atlantic Ocean islands some of which include:

1. Tavira Island: The Island is located hundreds of meters off the coast and in the Southern part of Tavira town in Algarve. The Island is about 11km in length and 150m to 1km in width. The natural conditions of the island usually attract numerous tourists. It also provides a perfect site for bird watching as well as swimming. Access to the island is possible and easy through a floating bridge and ferry.


2. Pico Island: This Island is regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the Azores and was named after one of its mountains. Its landscape is very beautiful and is mainly made up of lava rocks and exotic vegetation. Being a scarcely populated island, it provides an ideal location perfect for trekking, hiking, bird watching, jogging, fishing as well as whale and dolphin watching. The calm and peaceful conditions on the island enables visitors go to the villages and experience periodic cultural festivals. Although walking on foot is the best means and way of exploring this island, access from the mainland is by ferry.


3. Armona Island: This Island is found off the coast of the Algarve and is only 30 minutes crossing distance by ferry. Being inhabited only for 50 years, it is not overcrowded. Even though the island has no big roads (vehicles are not allowed on the island), hotels and banks, tourists enjoy its extensive beaches. RIA Formosa National Park on the island is a perfect birdwatching site Apart from the spectacular population of chameleons, the island also has numerous flora and fauna species. The island can be accessed by ferry Olhao town.

4. Madeira Island: This Island is on top of a volcanic tower, 6km from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. It is regarded as the second richest place in Portugal since it’s a favorite destination for tourists. It is known for its diverse vegetation, mainly prevalent in the Archipelagos forest. A wide range of animal species is also present in the island with over 250 species of land mollusk.

What is quite interesting is that many of the cheap hotels in Portugal can be found here. This basically means that visiting the area is not at all as expensive as other places from around the world. Just look online for some great deals and remember the fact that when you pay in advance you gain access to several discounts that you will surely appreciate. Even air travel costs less.

5. Berlenga Grande Island: this Island, classified as natural reserve forms part of Berlenga Archipelago, a group of coastal reefs and small islands. It’s located about 6miles from the coast, West of CaboCarvoeiro, Peniche. It’s the only habited island amongst the smaller ones. It has many dive sites, dolphins and large schools of different fish species. Its beautiful caves are rich in red gorgonians and other macro life. Some smaller islands on the north of this island are known to have a diverse ecosystem and numerous marine bird species.

Portugal is known to be a perfect place due to its tourism friendly environment and unforgettable adventures. For tourists and those traveling from this wonderful European country to the US, it is important to know about the ESTA. Where it has expired, the traveler should make the necessary esta renewal prior to traveling in order to be allowed entry into the United States.