When you start to feel that familiar tickle in the back of your throat, signifying a week or two of a blocked nose and poor pronunciation, the immediate response is to take every vitamin you can find hidden in your cupboard and down about a litre of sickening cold relief hot drinks (after you’ve managed to convince yourselfthat they don’t taste like chemicals and sugar at all).

Instead of cramming your body with medicines that may not even be doing much good, try consuming these invigorating Indian dishes that will serve as a natural remedy to your dreaded summer cold. This is not an invite for you to justify calling your local takeaway andordering the greasiest, priciest dish on the menu with the excuse that you’re ill, however; we suggest that yousearch for a lighter, tastier, fragrant Indian meal that will nourish and satisfy. Like these…

Masala Chaimasala chai

Tea drinkers will rejoice over this spiced, sweetened black tea mixed with milk, which is popular in India andnow also enjoyed globally. ‘Masala’ refers to a combination of spices, usually involving cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, pepper, star anise and fennel. However, if Masala Chai is not your “cup of tea” then try ginger and turmeric, which can be made with water or milk and is equally as effective.


This thin but powerful spicy lentil broth will benefit you more than any nasty, citrus-flavoured flu relief beverage. Spices like cumin and ginger work wonders on your cold, whilst tangy tamarind and spicy peppers will tantalise your taste buds.


This Indian recipe is renowned for its digestive benefits. The risotto-like dish is based on a lightly spiced mix of rice and dal, making this comforting meal an upset-stomach’s best friend


If you’re looking for something “soupier” still, try a soothing bowl of kadhi. Although hot yoghurt might not sound immediately appealing, when beaten with besan (split chickpea flour) and boiled with delicately flavoured spices, it is the ultimate comfort food. It has a light, nutty taste and can be made thicker just by adding more besan.

Daldal tadka

Hearty, delicious, cheap and versatile, there’s not much that can beat a steaming bowl of dal, accompanied by a warm Indian flatbread. Packed full of nutrients and protein, this will help fight off any ailments, and can be made spicier if you really want to clear those sinuses.


Kheer is crammed full of garlic – one of the best-known ingredients in the world for its antibacterial properties. Kheer is actually a sweet dish, but the copious amounts of garlic within it actually works; it forms a sweet, mellow, milky mixture that is bound to help anyone suffering from a summer cold.


A little sweet kick could be just what your body is craving. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, why not try an Indian sweet that could actually count as one of your five-a-day? Opt for cardamom-scented ‘halwas’ – made with pureed lentils and shredded carrots as their base ingredients.

If you’re looking for a way to fight off your sniffles, why not order some fresh, healthy Indian food from one of London’s best brasseries? With an authentic takeaway menu containing some of the most nourishing dishes around, you’ll never want to order from your high-street curry house again!