An olden city which offers you the best of tourist values as visitors is Aurangabad which also serves as an administrative headquarters of the Maharashtra state’s Aurangabad district in the Indian subcontinent that have many things to explore. As this city remains one of the historic cities of India, whose name—Aurangabad is a metaphor of “having been built by the throne” it has several important monuments for visitors to see and observe. This city was named after one of the notable Mughal emperors, Emperor Aurangzeb.

Historic Importance of Aurangabad

Being one of the oldest Indian cities, Aurangabad remains a sought after tourism hub where a large chunk of visitors flock every day. Even if you plan a short Weekend Vacation for Aurangabad you can definitely make a trip well organized through making a visit to the historical monuments mandatory routine in and around this city. Many UNESCO Heritage Sites are located in this city from the Ajanta Caves in famous Ellora Caves to Bibi Ka Maqbara in addition to a good number of other historic monuments present here.

Other unique identity which Aurangabad city has developed over the centuries is that of representation as a “City of Gates” in India. It is surely an all-embracing attraction of sorts who’s almost every nook and corner pours historic signs. The city has many historic gates, which reminds of its golden past. Several monuments located in the Aurangabad city have already transformed this city into the Tourism Capital of Maharashtra state of India. This city has equally become famous with its industrial, trade and last but not the least business growths which popularized it as one of the best cities of the world.

Famous Monuments

Aurangabad is a paradise for the explorers of history. No matter you plan Weekend Vacation for Aurangabad or go for a long tour of this city, you should ensure visiting most attractive monuments here like the famous Zeb-un-Nisa’s palace built in the year 1880; a symbolic Khadki village which was the original name of a current Aurangabad city in 1610 A.D; famous Bibi Ka Maqbara which had been built in 1678 by Azam Shah, one of the sons of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the memory of his mother, Rabia-UL-Daurani, also known as Dilras Bano Begam. As Aurangabad had remained an integral part of the princely state of Hyderabad ruled by the then Nizam rulers, one can witness numerous monuments of the Nizam’s period here. A good number of them has the typical architectural representation from those rulers.

Modern Aurangabad has high rise buildings, best of the restaurants, hotels, parks, museums and several educational institutions of repute. They have transformed the scenario of this city that equally offers an ample variety to the visitors. Even if you plan a Weekend Vacation for Aurangabad you have many choices to explore during a small time period like tasting a variety of foods available in the multi-cuisine restaurants to enjoying a great time exploring the history of this splendid city.

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