Enjoy an immemorial vacation on the beaches of India. Encircled with the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal on her three sides, some of the best scenic beauties of the Indian subcontinent are found on its beaches.

arabian sea


The Alluring Arabian Sea


If vacation to you means wild sea and rocking life, then Goa sea beaches are your destination. Guarded by the Western Ghats, Arabian Sea here is an epitome of natural beauty. While the Anjuna Beach is known for its raving music and crazy night parties, the Benaulim Beach is a peaceful lovers’ paradise. Boost your adrenaline at the Goa beaches with paragliding, river rafting, beach volley and parasailing. Rejuvenate your inner being with Ayurveda massages at the health resorts that dot the beaches of Goa. Walk hand in hand with your loved ones on the second longest beach of the world, the Marina Beach of Chennai. With some historical spots, this beach is the lifeline of the city.

Arabian Sea at Mumbai sea beach is captivating. Crowds after a long day at work, come here to witness a mesmerizing sunset, to chit chat with friends and relish the famous spicy snacks of Mumbai, namely, Paw Bhaji, papri chat and many more. Cochin, the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ is a must visit on your beaches tour in India for its elegance. As the swaying coconut and palm trees offer a cool shadow to the tourists, it is a place to witness the unique fishing technique of Chinese fishing nets. Experience the lives of fishermen in the nearby fishing villages, relishing on steamed rice and mouth watering fish curry, cooked in coconut oil and served on fresh banana leaves.

india ocean

The Isles of the Indian Ocean


The emerald waters of Indian Ocean are best viewed at Laccadive sea beaches. The white sands of this sea beach top the charts of Indian beaches tour for its tranquil atmosphere. The spectacular coral islands of Laccadive exhibit the miracles of nature. You may just lie on hammocks absorbing the warm sun rays or boost your adrenaline with adventure sports of snorkelling and diving.

bay of bengal

The Beautiful Bay of Bengal


Indian beaches tour is fascinating at the shores of the deep blue Bay of Bengal. While the coral islands of Andaman Nicobar beckon tourist from far off places, witnessing the underwater life of the Andaman Sea is a lifetime experience.

While the sea beaches of Orissa, namely Puri and West Bengalm like Digha and Mandarani are ideal for family vacations, the virgin beaches of Shankarpur or Tajpur still holds the natural beauty. Relish crispy sea food, shop handicrafts made of shells and beads or just play with water at these beaches of India. As the sun kisses the golden sand of these beaches, heaven seems to be just in front on you.


The eternal confluence of Kanyakumari


Make your India tour remarkable with a visit to Kanyakumari, the only point where the trio, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal meets. Sunrise and sunset at Kanyakumari are celestial while a dip in the confluence is considered auspicious. Be at the Vivekananda Rock, located at the heart of the confluence to check out the place where Swami Vivekananda attained enlightenment.

Hence, as the wild waters wet your feet and the pleasant breeze passes through your hair, enjoy some soulful moments at the laps of nature; enjoy a memorable India beaches tour.