Delhi, a sprawling and packed city, is known to the world as the capital of the world’s greatest democracy and a mix for people drawn from all over the globe, who arrive at the city in search of a good life.

Delhi smells like a vivacious mix of contamination, earthy spices, tropical blooms, sewage, animal smell, incense, and extreme summer heat. The aroma of Delhi mirrors the city itself, which is an Asian megalopolis flooding with life lived out in the open, in the business parts, and in the sprawling green parks and gardens where multi-generational families spend hours together, tasting tea and talking about their daily stuff.

qutub minar

Delhi somehow or another has been around for more than 2500 years. Present Delhi is built over the remains of around seven medieval cities. If you are in Qutub Minar, that is the old city number 2, Lal Kot. Siri Fort, it is city number 3. On the off chance that you pass by Tughlaqabad, that is city number 4. Adilabad Fort is the site of city number 5. Feroz Shah Kotla,that’s city number 6. Shahjahanabad could be known as the eighth city, which conceals Chandni Chowk and Lal Qila. And finally, Lutyens Delhi, which could be known as the ninth city, puts forth a mind boggling facet of Delhi.


One chief attributes of the Delhi that consistently makes one basically go gaga for it, is its wide and rich food scene. To some, Delhi is unquestionably the food capital of India, and while you are here you can try food that ranges from ethnic to worldwide, from tangy street food to the fine eateries full of luxuries. While you explore and understand the city, it is advisable that you explore and try all that the city brings to the table in terms of cuisines. So before, catching one of the flights flying from Bangalore to Delhi, or a train between Jammu to Delhi, or a Khajuraho to Delhi cab, make sure that you try the best of Delhi’s street food. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

bade mian ki kheer

Bade Miyan for kheer

The Bade Mian’s kheer shop is one of the most popular eateries in Delhi. It is situated alongside Badal Beg mosque in Lal Kuan and best noted for offering possibly the finest Kheer, you’re ever inclined to taste. The best part is that the food is very reasonable. Generally, foodies who visit their eatery often leave with Kheer or sweets that is not less than a kilo!

kake di hatti

Kake di Hatti for paratha

Head down to the Old Delhi in Khari Baoli, and once you’ve taken in the aroma of thousand sacks of chillies in the old gullies, head to the Church Mission Road and ask for the famous tandoori-fresh parathas of Kake di Hatti. There are various flavors of parathas sold here, yet the best picks include cauliflower, potato, and radish. Besides, the faluda is a must-try.

lala babu chaat bhandar

Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar for best chaat

On the off chance that tangy chaat is the need of the hour, Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar is the ideal spot to visit. Situated in the Chandni Chowk, opposite to McDonalds this chaat stall is one that is a must stop-by. The Gobi muttar samosas are a the must-haves and at Rs. 80 for two individuals, unquestionably nobody will be complaining.