Have you ever thought beyond savoring a hot cup of coffee and enjoying the ‘pitter patter’ in the house or office when it rains? Monsoon is much more fascinating than the outside view of any window. After the scorching heat of the summer and roasting sunshine for more than 12 hours, monsoon comes as the threat to mind, body and soul. This monsoon season, just go beyond your folk ways to for enjoying the rain. Kerala is one of the blessed states in Indian that gets 80% rain in the season. The state livens up even after the first raindrops. The rain beautifies the picturesque sights of the state that are offering the enthralling experience to the locals as well as the vacationers. There are several amazing destinations in Kerala that become more beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. If you are one among them who don’t bother from the delayed flights, muddy roads, bad weather (rains) and untreated waters on the road, you find this tropical land a paradise during the monsoon. Some of the amazing destinations where you can go with the friends, family or by yourself and we assure you come back with the lasting memories:

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1) Alleppey, Keralaalleppy kerala

Downpour lends a Midas touch to Alleppey. Alleppey is one of the best backwater destinations in Kerala that becomes vista for eyes and soul together when it rains here. It wouldn’t be wrong if somebody says Mother Nature creates this place in the spare time. Monsoon is the best time in the year to get the best views of canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons. A day trip or overnight stay in Alleppey’s shikara is just the incredible experience.

2) Kovalamkovalam ayurveda tour

Though Kovalam is a popular winter vacation destination in winters, but downpour makes it spectacular as well. This one is seriously a paradise for those who want to spend their holiday while enjoying every bit of the minute. Sightseeing, eating, water sports like surfing, ayurvedic massages, walking on beach are best to distress yourself.

3) Athirapally and Vazhachal Fallsathirapally waterfalls kerala

Getting is a live picture of rain water that is cascading down the hills in the form of breathtaking waterfalls and majestic rivers gurgling through the valleys is such a dream come true type moment. Experience the refreshing and rejuvenating stage that Kerala has to offer to you having the Athirapalli and Vazhachal Falls located in Thrissur district, around 90 km from Kochi. These two are one of the world’s best gigantic splashes.

4) Wayanad wayanad tour kerala

Wayanad presents the various shades of green. At that time, enjoying a lavish in a Tree House is a best way to recall the childhood dream and makes it true. The feeling is seriously great to live in wayanad’s tree house and relishing the jungle’s most distinctive views and inhabitant. The resort like facilities amidst the rainforest canopy is just mind blowing. Trekking is also a wonderful thing to indulge into with a naturalist guide.

5) Kochikochi travel

If you are thinking about more along the shower break, Kochi in Kerala is the destination you should be. Gateway to Kerala, Kochi has numerous enchanting sights and sites to enjoy the monsoon time. The oldest city of God’s Own Country is a historically rich city along the perfect sightseeing places and tourist delights.  Monuments and places that present perfect mix culture of the Portuguese and Chinese, stunning backwaters, virgin beaches, stimulating Spas and Ayurvedic services, etc are the best-kept jewel in the city. Plan a trip to Kerala in monsoon.