There are many reasons why you should visit Goa. With the carnival season ready to flare up amidst euphoria, the Goa carnival 2014 appears oh-so-tempting. At the right price, you can get the right kind of excitement! Then, there are those amazing beaches they keep talking about. Goa has so many amazing beaches that one feels compelled to say that the Arabian Sea seems to be very possessive about this piece of land. And of course, you have the tattoo parlors.

Goa has got some of the best tattoo parlors in the country since the state is a major tourist destination and is visited by a throng of foreigners every season. One of the best places to get a tattoo is the Anjuna Beach. The henna tattoo artists which you can find on the beach will do a wonderful job. They are highly sought-after by foreign tourists, especially the foreign women since they usually do not have much inkling of henna tattoos. It is also the safest form of getting tattooed and is very cost-effective. The prices can vary, starting from Rs 50 and may stretch up to Rs 500 or beyond. Different artists may charge differently for different designs. The onus is on you to unleash your bargaining skills and get the negotiation to work in your favor.

You will also run into good henna tattoo artists at Baga and Calangute. All of them are popular beaches and you may actually find it hard to shake off some of the pushy vendors and artists.

For getting inked using a needle, you will need to head to a tattoo studio. Now, this may be a tricky business for someone who has never gotten a tattoo before. You should keep in mind that some tattoos are of a permanent nature and so be very careful about what you are inscribing. Inking yourself with your boyfriend’s name may seem all fine at the moment, but God forbid, in case you guys break up in the future, that same tattoo will become a cause for distress and embarrassment.

It is also recommended that you do not get a tattoo at a body part which will be visible in your formal clothes, especially for the office-goers. The rest is up to you.

Moksha tattoo studio and Andy’s tattoo parlor are amongst the two best tattoo studios in Goa. You may try getting yourself inked from one of these places and it is a must add activity in your Goa tour itinerary.