For the snorkeling and aquatic activities lovers Dubai can be the best location. But this is not the only reason to visit there as the place is also very ideal for the lazy people who are leading a stressful life at home and just want to sleep in vacations. A range of actions that match to everyone’s need are there so be ready for a rich holiday season.

This information will help you to choose some of the best places for 2014  that will give you an experience that you will never ignore.

Beautiful Beaches

These are not only water spots, but huge playgrounds, dining spots and  other fun things are associated with them. These public areas are keeping you entertained during your visit with several available enjoyments while the fresh water lets you to get fresh by swimming and bathing.

Heritage Of The City

You can neglect the ancient amazing Dubai city tour by looking its tallest skylines. Still, it is part of this developed city. Dubai fort, monuments and palaces are in fact the true identity of Arab culture that you can see all around in the city. Its best example is Burj Nahar and The Bastakhia.


Sunset View

The stunning image of the sunset will remain in your mind forever. Its dim and orange light effect will motivate you for the other surprising day in the city. The best sunset view you can achieve from the water when you can hire a yacht in Dubai. The glowing waters look so beautiful while the whole atmosphere seems to go for a deep sleep.


Feel The Calm Of The Desert

The fantastic sand of the Arabian city maintains its appeal and provides an enchanting encounter to the guests of Dubai. Discover the wasteland areas by getting up the wasteland opera. It is important to bring lots of water during these wasteland safaris as due to hot weather and sweating any significant problem can occur.

Dhow Dinner

The sailing, dinner over the floating water keep you fresh and boost up your energy level. The fragrant air and mouth watering food both will make your dhow cruise Dubai journey more than a blessing for you.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

How excellent the place is for your 2014 trip if you would like to go for an excellent dining and also want to go for the plenty of shopping at the same place. It is the best time saving opportunity to avail. It is said that you can find the gem of Dubai here at Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Another eye-catching place in Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a big pool which is actually sea water. Sometimes you will see the turtle if the water is not too hot and if you are fortunate.

But if you are keen to see the playing dolphin in the deep water, then board on the Dubai yacht charter services. These dolphins are very human friendly and will amuse you with their sweet acts. So do not miss this beautiful chance.