One of the most vibrant cities in the world, Mumbai is a famous amongst the locals and the travelers alike. The city not only has an amazing nightlife, but also the food that is worth dying for. Apart from that, the city also has various historical places that have a huge significance in making the country what it is today. So, if you are bored of living in the concrete jungle, then book your cabs in Mumbai online and get ready to travel the most iconic historical places ever.

pratapgarh fort

Pratapgarh Fort: The fort lies at a height of 1080 m and is based on a goad which overlooks the street between the towns of Par and Kinesvar. It is among the best fortifications in Maharashtra and among most picturesque spots in Mahabaleshwar and one of the best fortresses close Pune. Shivaji Maharaj had authorized Moropant Pingle, his head administrator, to initiate the development of this fortress with the end goal of safeguarding Naira and the Koyna River banks, furthermore to protect the Par pass. The development of the fortification was finished in 1656.

rajgarh fort

Rajgad Fort: One of the most amazing forts of the Sahyadris, the Rajgad fort lies at a height of 1400 m. Once in the past known as Murumbdev, the Rajgad Fort was the capital of Maratha Empire, before moving it to Raigad Fort. The Rajgad Fort was constructed with the fortune found on the neighboring Torna Fort. This was one of the most loved fortresses of Shivaji Maharaj and he continued through to the end in this lovely fort. Numerous authentic occasions occurred in this stronghold. The fortification has four sections. The fortification is a case of amazing outline and development. The distance across of the stronghold at the base is 40 km making it troublesome for anyone to lay attack to it.

vandan fort

ChandanVandan Forts: Constructed by ruler Bhoj II of Shilahara line in late twelfth century, the Chandan – Vandan Forts were constructed by Shivaji Maharaj who won these posts from Adil Shah of Bijapur in 1673 CE alongside Kalyangad, Sajjangad, and Ajinkyatara amid the battle of Satara. It was under the control of Marathas till 1689 CE after it went in the hand of Moghuls. In 1707 CE, the post was possessed by Marathas under Sahu Maharaj. The Chandan and Vandan are contiguous fortresses. The trek to both the strongholds is simple and can be finished in a day. There are two approaches to achieve these posts.

elephant caves

Elephanta Caves: A system of etched caverns situated on Elephanta Island or Gharapuri the Elephanta caves in Mumbai are recorded as Heritage Site by UNESCO and is Mumbai’s oldest spots to visit. Furthermore among the prime spots spoke to in the advancement of Mumbai Tourism. Cave 1 was a Hindu spot of love until Portuguese principle started in 1534 AD, after which the holes endured serious harm.

With so many places to visit in and around Mumbai be ready to get enthralled by the significance of these historical monuments. However, book your cabs in Mumbai online so as to get best offers over the internet.