The city of Trichy is one of the most ancient spots to add that sheen to the grandeur of Tamil Nadu. It has a rich cultural legacy and has seen the ascent and fall of a few empires and kingdoms. Trichy stands in the fields between the Shevaroy and Palani hill slopes, just 100 km north of Madurai. Ruled by the sensational Rock Fort, today it’s a sprawling business hub with an advanced vibe.

Read ahead to know more about this charismatic city of Tamil Nadu that has an altogether different appeal and attracts a lot many tourists from all walks of life.


Trichy is very well connected with the major hubs of the country through air, road and rail transport. The Tiruchirappalli air terminal is an international air terminal which has a good connect with Chennai, Sri Lanka, Bangalore, and Kuala Lumpur. Bangalore to Trichy flights are the most common ones seen plying to and from here.

Places to Visit

rockfort temple

1- Rockfort Temple – Rockfort Temple is located in the fort’s most astounding compasses. Rockfort had real influence in the Carnatic wars that was a noteworthy fight that set up the British Rule in India. The fortification additionally has the well known Ucchi Pillayar Temple, which was built in the seventh century and is 83 meters tall. The cavern sanctuaries constructed by the Pallavas in 508 AD were the most ancient structures in the fort’s complex.

sri ranganathaswamy temple

2- Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple – Situated in Srirangam, this is a standout amongst the most adored Vaishanite holy places, committed to the leaning Lord Vishnu. Sprawling over a territory of almost 156 acres, this is without a doubt one of the biggest temples in India. The most striking element of this sanctuary is the 73 m high and 13-layered Rajagopuram (main tower), making it one of the biggest religious structures on the planet. Do not miss the early morning petitions to God, when music is played to awaken the almighty.

waterfalls in tricy

3- Puliancholai Falls – The Puliyancholai Falls are a standout amongst the most astounding weekend outing spots you can visit in the old town of Tiruchirappalli. The falls are a porch waterfall situated in an extremely tranquil and quiet environment. The quiet view which can be experienced amid your drive is an astounding background and will invigorate your senses without a doubt.

st joseph church

4- St. Joseph’s Church – It is one of the most established Churches of India. Built in 1792 by Schwartz through the financial backing of the British Garrison. Britishers utilized this congregation for spreading Christianity in the spot. This congregation additionally has an adjacent college known as the St. Joseph’s College.

jambakeshwar temple

5- Jambukeshwara Temple – The Jambukeshwara Temple is one of the 5 main temple structures in Tamil Nadu which are devoted to the Hindu god Lord Shiva. The sanctuary was constructed in a Dravidian style by the Cholas in the second century AD. The brilliant stone carvings exhibit’s it’s designer’s stone cutting authority over his art.

These are the major points of interest that majorly sum up the Trichy tourism. Of course, the city has a lot of hidden gems which you can further delve deep into and let the world know about. Have a happy trip!