While you may be right in thinking that a city like Agra needs no specific time to visit and can be visited anytime of the year, what will make your trip even better is if you can time your visit during one of its fairs and festivals. This article talks about the most popular festivals and fairs in Agra.

Agra is undoubtedly one of the most eminent tourist sites in the whole world, much of which owes to the fact of it playing home to the historic monument – The Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. What many people miss noticing about Agra is that, though it may offer a plethora of brilliant historical sites, the city is also one of the main places where festivities and fairs are celebrated with huge pomp and grandeur. During this time, getting a train to Delhi on your way out might pose some problems as most of the people take this route. If you did not book your ticket in advance, you can book the Agra to Faridabad train and make your way to Delhi by Metro or simply hiring a cab. Here are the top fairs and festivities celebrated in the city.


Taj Mahotsav

taj mahotsav

This social fair is praised for honoring the rich social practices of Agra and India in general. Sorted out yearly in the month of February for 10 days in a row in the Crafts town called Shilpgram which is set simply close to the Taj Mahal. From broad presentations of artworks and showcasing of society as music, craftsmanship and move, the burst of social exercises amid this time is off the outlines.


Ram Bharat

agra ram bharat festival

This fair is an extraordinary marriage parade held in Uttar Pradesh, but most popularly in Agra. The fair is held to recognize the marriage of Lord Rama. A great many individuals visit Agra amid this time and partake in the long parades held over the city. Different props are utilized by the youthful performing artists who play out the dramatization. Chariots with silver leaves bear the symbol of Lord Rama amid the parade.


Kailash Fair

kailash fair

One of the main fairs celebrated in Agra, the Kailash fair is held in the Kailash temple which is found around 10 km far from the primary Agra city. The principle deity of this temple is Lord Shiva and the fair recognizes the presence of Lord Shiva as a stone lingam. This fair ordinarily happens amid the months of August and September and is gone by devotees from all over India.


Bateshwar Fair

bateshwar fair

This is a definitive dairy cattle fair in India. Enthusiasts from all over India visit the venue amid this time and take a plunge in the Yamuna before partaking in the fair. A wide range of dairy cattle from steeds, bulls, goats, elephants and camels can be seen here. The tradesmen with their domesticated animals offer everything from nearby specialties and customary flavors. This fair gives you a definitive provincial India experience.

Agra lies around 200 km from New Delhi, and if you are lucky enough to get a ticket for Delhi, check the PNR status to see if your ticket is confirmed. If not, you could always take a train to the neighbouring cities like Ghaziabad or Faridabad and make your way to Delhi from there.