They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What better way there is then to start the journey of life with someone, other than escaping for a romantic getaway with them? Various places and cities are known for their innate love filled atmosphere that can melt hearts. Auckland definitely perches on the top branch as far as romantic cities are concerned. With a climate that is ever so pleasant, with scenery that invokes the deepest of emotions in people, and activities that are fun to do with your partner; Auckland provide a stunningly diverse range for entertaining the tourists and making couples fall in love all over again.


Couples will get a lot of time to spend with each other when in Auckland, as there is just so much to explore and be mesmerized by. Be its whitewater rivers, lush green rainforests, exquisite islands or expanses of landscapes, Auckland has every box checked. Not only does the natural beauty of Auckland appeal to the romantic side of people, but the city and culture seeped into every facet adds to it too. Exotic nightlife, beautiful architectural structures, sights to gawk at or just relax; couples can reinvent their relationship at Auckland.

The Rangitoto Islands are on the top of the list when in Auckland. The beautiful treks at this island which are studded with waterfalls are awe-inspiring. The best way to bind with a partner is by indulging in the adventure activities like kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, sailing at West Haven Marina, etc. the Waitemata and Manakau Harbour are famous for these activities. Harauki and Gulf Islands and the Northern bays offer peace time for couples.

Nothing spells love like the beaches here. Be it indulging in fun activities, enjoying a long walk on the beach under the moonlight, or just lazing around taking in the surroundings; beaches are known to appeal to couples. And when there is a variety of beaches ranging from black sand beaches to shining gold sand beaches such as Anchor Bay, Midlands, Piha, etc., a couple doesn’t ask for more. Along with beaches, a long drive with your partner is one of those love clichés which always work. And to add to it, scenic drives in Auckland such as the Scenic Drive itself and the one to the Great Barrier Island are breathtaking.

The food scene in Auckland is nothing short of exciting. With pubs, bars, and exotic restaurants that serve scrumptious delicacies, to the various wineries and vineyards; the love in the air is complemented just fine.

When in Auckland, explore every single facet as everything has the capacity to make you appreciate beauty, and appreciate the person you are sharing it with. Auckland spells romance, so be prepared for it.