One thing Jaipur can promise and deliver is unmatched sightseeing unlike any city in India. There is so much to see and do in the city. Book your Delhi Cantt to Jaipur train which will take you about 5 hours and pay a visit to this fascinating city. This article points out 7 facts about the majestic Hawa Mahal in Jaipur.

Hawa Mahal is one of the most iconic landmarks of Jaipur. Set in the heart of the city in the middle of all the clamour and hustle and bustle of the city, as you make your way to the city via your Delhi Cantt to Jaipur train, this palace can easily be sighted if you choose to take a drive around the city from the railway station. There are various fascinating things about the Hawa Mahal unknown to many. Mentioned below are some of the few.

jaipur hawa mahal

There is no front entrance

The Hawal Mahal has no front entrance, as in, there is no immediate passageway from the front part of the palace. Visitors will have to enter from the side of the palace. Hawa Mahal was working as a part of the City Palace, so there is no passageway from outside.

jaipur hawamahal

It is designed in the shape of a honeycomb

If you haven’t noticed, the palace is designed to resemble a honeycomb. This design was made keeping in mind not only for the outward look, but also a result of smart engineering and architecture as the cross sections of the small pocketed windows permits cool air from the Venturi impact (specialist breeze) through the complex example, ventilating the entire zone amid the high temperatures in summers.

It is shaped like a crown

This feature cannot be noticed from down below, but if you have ever come across a picture of the palace taken from afar highlighting its top part, you can clearly see that that head of the palace has been designed in the shape of a crown. It is believed to be an attempt of Lord Krishna’s crown.

It was built for the royal women folk

The thought behind the small windows all over the palace was for the royal women folks that they could watch the day by day life of the city through the windows without being visible to the public from the outside.

Glide your way up!

Yes, as weird as it might sound for a 5 storey building to not have any stairs, it is true. There are no stairways in the whole palace, rather just slopes. You can do the reverse moonwalk and go up the top.

Named after the Hawa Mandir

Named after Hawa Mandir, Hawa Mahal got the name from its fifth floor, which was called as Hawa Mandir. The royal residence with all its glory remains in the city and is one of the must visit puts in Jaipur.

Built on no solid foundation

It is probably the tallest building in the whole world without any solid foundation. The smart engineering where the palace was built in a slight pyramidal shape and inclined slightly upto a 87 degree makes the palace standing still and strong even without any solid foundation.