Skydiving is an act when undertaken can give you the ultimate sense of freedom. The feeling of jumping into nowhere and the uncertainty that surrounds makes for an exciting ride of a lifetime. A jump anywhere above 10,000 feet altitude will surely make you go crazy with a mad adrenaline rush.

You feel like a bird during a free fall and the mind-boggling speed at which you approach the ground is terrifying. Here are the 5 best destinations around the world where you can indulge in this adventure sport.

  • Interlaken, Switzerland


Prepare to be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the Alps mountain range, as you drop from an altitude of 12,000 feet. The adventure indulgence is cost-effective and you can book a ride of a lifetime for just $400.

Be ready to be stunned by the free fall and the wonderful ride that you are about to take. Make use of uber coupons to book your ride from your home. You get discounts when you book the ride using coupons.

  • Fox Glacier, New Zealand

sky dive

New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world and this is the place from where you can dive down to the earth with absolute freedom. There are lakes, glaciers and rainforests surrounding the place where you jump off the plane.

The instructors here are well-trained and give you instructions before the fall. However, when the time for fall comes, just let loose and enjoy the feeling of being attached to nothing. You will be jumping from 12,000 feet and the ride costs a little more than $300.

  • Mauritius

sky dive mauritius

The ride is a little expensive because of the amazing views that you get while skydiving. Even children above the age of 12 are permitted to dive in Mauritius. The sea line in the place is spectacular to view from the sky.

You can use oyo rooms coupons from to book your hotel room before travelling to Mauritius. Stay in a hotel and enjoy your journey to the place. The ride costs $400 for a fall from 10,000 feet and $450 for a fall from 15,000 feet.

  • Namib Desert, Namibia

sky diving in namibia

The endless expanse of desert is a wonderful sight in itself. The desert devoid of wildlife and the endless blue sky above gives you an unforgettable ride. The feeling of falling into a land that is barren and strange will give you goosebumps all along.

The 10,000 feet dive will cost you around $270 which is a fairly good price for the experience you get. You will get 5 minutes to reach the ground when you dive from this altitude. 

  • Hawaii

skydiving in hawaii

If you are a nature lover and a lover of greenery – tress, plants and green pastures, then you will definitely love the ride. You will see the entire island when you skydive from 10,000 feet. The price of the ride is very low and if you are a student, then it is an added bonus as you get very good discounts.

The ride starts from as low as $150 and if you are a student then you are in for a very good reduction in prices. The exciting ride will have you wanting for more.