San Francisco is one of the beautiful cities in the USA due to its closeness to the ordinary rolling scenery of the central California Coast. As a result, the town tops among the list of the attractive places to visit in the USA. People from various parts of the world travel to this town because of the various key points

In your 3 spectacular days in San Francisco, you need to have different types of clothing perfect for all weather conditions. For instance; it can be very cold in the morning and drastically change in the afternoon to warm and then change again to cold in the evening in one day. A typical day in San Francisco can start with an overcast sky in the morning and clear up by noon.

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Spectacular areas you can visit in San Francisco in your three day Journey

The 49 mile drive

This is one of the best ways to enjoy the town because you have the opportunity of touring the lovely places of the town. Drive your car through Divisadero Street till you get to Pacific heights. Here you will enjoy the sight of the bay from the peak of the hill and the amazing real estate developments which are believed to be the highest priced in the whole of America.

However, before you begin your journey, it is important you make arrangement for driving license application in order to be allowed to drive around. Once you have a valid driving license, you will able to drive from one hotspot to another hotspot as you enjoy the most memorable sights of the city.

Drive your car further to the south of the city to the coast of California so as to enjoy the beautiful seaside towns of Carmel and Monterey. Besides, you can drive close to the city and enjoy the lovely homes in posh places such as Pacific Heights.


Yosemite national park boasts for its prestigious position in the United States as the greatest national treasure. The size of the park is nearly one thousand two hundred square miles with a number of features waiting to be explored. The features include:

– Grizzly bears;

– Untouched wilderness;

– Grand meadows;

– Salmon streams;

– Ancient sequoias.

Your trip out of the city is a fantastic way you can get a taste of the countryside of California, and sample the knowledge of the local wildlife.

Sonoma and Napa valleys

These valleys are considered the premier travel destination of the world. For instance; Sonoma has magnificent views of progressing vineyards thriving at every twist and turn. On the other hand, the Napa valley is best known for its hard to believe wines. As a vacationer, you will be captivated by breakfasts, quaint bed, mud baths and the famous restaurants in the world. Therefore, Napa valley represents a true hideaway for someone who loves wine and the gateway for the lovers of nature.

Muir Woods

This is a grove of majestic redwood trees and a national park. In addition, it is a habitat to the oldest redwood trees on Earth.


San Francisco is among the most beautiful cities found in America and tops among the attractive places you can visit in the world due to its spectacular sites and features.